Move to WordPress

I decided to drop my own hosting and moved to WordPress hosting. Since 2007 this blog was hosted at but recently it was moved to

Considering learning new language/technology

I’m considering learning new programming language or technology.

My very basic requirements:

  • no for buying new laptop (I’m happy with my ThinkPad)
  • no for buying new mobile device just to run something at all (I’m happy with my Nokia)

Any suggestions?

7 things you may not know about me

Some time ago Jakub suggested that I write 7 things most people may not know about me.

  1. I read political books. Waldemar Łysiak is one of my favorite authors.
  2. I watch many TV series, probably too many while I mix the plots some times.
  3. I hate ‘nothing-to-do’ state. It’s probably because I was pretty busy in last 2 years of my master studies (sharing time between full-time studying at AGH University and part-time working at Sabre Holdings). I just got used to the very busy schedules.
  4. I’m a big fan of beer. Wherever I go I try to get a beer from local breweries (the smaller the better). I try to avoid drinking global brands. It’s not that fun to drink the same (or almost the same) beer everywhere around the globe.
  5. In was doing pretty well in high school. I received a scholarship from Polish Prime Minister and I was the best graduate-student (2003).
  6. I haven’t been playing video games since I was 15. They are too complicated for me nowadays ;-(
  7. I was doing some .NET development in university times. Together with a team we were participating in Microsoft Imagine Cup (national finals in Software Design category 2006 and 2007). Unfortunately since I graduated I don’t do it any more. It’s hard to follow Java and .NET worlds simultaneously ;-(

Traditionally I encourage a few folks to share their lists as well: