1. The ouput (content of the %P2_TARGET% folder) of the FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher application is not recognized in eclipse helios 3.6.1 update manager. Features must be present for the bundles to make it a valid p2 site.


    1. @bob FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher generates valid updatesite. I would rather say that GUI for updates in Eclipse is not allowing installation of individual bundles but rather only installation of the features.


  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the entry. We use this mechanism in our automated build, too.

    Unfortunately, eclispe does not recognize that the features should be grouped into categories, which are defined in the site.xml. The site.xml is located in the same directory where the artifacts.jar and contents.jar are located.

    Do you know if the site.xml needs to be a parameter of the FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher, or would I use the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.publisher.UpdateSitePublisher application instead of the FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher? This takes a site.xml as parameter?!

    Any help is appreciated!



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