Eclipse Ganymede

Finally Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede has been officially released! While I’m currently working on Eclipse based product I was monitoring the progress of the platform beginning with Milestone 3. It looks like release 3.4 is moving Eclipse into the right direction. Provisioning mechanism was included into standard distribution, it is called p2. We probably have to wait some time to get more mature version of it – but it’s great that it is in a “main stream” now.

I really enjoy some enhancements that make working with Eclipse IDE more efficient:

  • Automatic updates done in background;
  • Option for determining network proxy settings from system instead of configuring them in preferences;
  • Mylyn extension for search plugin;

Small but annoying issue: Delta Pack is not included into standard distribution for RCP/Plugin development (bugzilla)! Fortunately there is now at least a message in editor for *.product configuration explaining that Delta Pack has to be installed separately (in Eclipse 3.3 you could spent several hours investigating the issue of missing Delta Pack).

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