NetBeans World Tour 2008 in Krakow

NetBeans World Tour 2008
Last Friday NetBeans Roadshow which is part of NetBeans WorldTour took place in Krakow at AGH University. Guys from Sun department were presenting new capabilities of NetBeans 6.0 trying to convience participants that it is better or at least as good as Eclipse;-)

Interesting stuff I have found out is that actually one of the presenters (Karol Harezlak) fixed the bug in NetBeans mobile component FileBrowser that I have described couple of weeks before and spent couple of extra hours on code because of it. Besides that nice demo of using SVG (JSR 226) in J2ME was presented – it allows to make really cool looking stuff on mobile devices easily, especially while using Mobility Pack.

My general impression of NetBeans 6.0 – it goes in right direction. There are a lot on nice and unique features (e.g. Mobility Pack, JavaFX plugin, quite good Maven integration) but until Java editor in NetBeans isn’t as efficient as Eclipse one I will not switch with development completly to NetBeans.

Keep the fingers crossed for NetBeans 😉

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